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My spin on a one page WordPress theme

This was my interpretation of a WordPress one page theme just in a fully customized form, originally made for one musical group from my country.


The idea was to showcase their work, both as performers and producers – combining inputs from all of their existing social media profiles into one.


The goal was to funnel their online traffic from all of the social media they used, and to establish online presence for their production company.

Latest News:

Design focus

It’s a multimedia driven WordPress theme, focused around easiness of constant change of content – even up to the loading and background images you see.

Color palette

Color scheme was created in correlation with logo of their production house. Shapes used also mirror it. Was intended to complement their existing branding efforts.

Cancelled but not abandoned

Two thirds down the development path, they cancelled the project. But I’ve decided to finish it fully and continue my learning. This is the result.

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